The Wall: Reflecting on Borders

On March 26, 2018, I started my journey on the Pacific Crest Trail at the US/Mexico border. It was such a trip touching the metal barrier marking the imaginary line between the United States and Mexico. Of course it’s fun to say, “I’m walking from Mexico to Canada!” But in actuality, this wall and the arbitrary, restrictive border it represents fills me with anger and sadness.

Thru-hiking gives you a new perspective on immigration. Moving through nature all day, every day is 100% the most “human” thing I’ve ever experienced. Traveling long distance by foot helps you viscerally understand that this is what humans have done for most of our history on Earth. We migrate. And it’s not just us—all animals move around in search of better access to food, water and shelter.

To restrict where humans and animals can go by erecting fences and walls denies this primal urge to move on in search of something better. What gives us the right to carve up the planet like this?

Follow my PCT hike for girl empowerment nonprofits on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and join my community of funders on YouCaring. 100% of what we raise will go directly to three organizations that are helping girls practice confidence, creativity and camaraderie in the outdoors.

One Reply to “The Wall: Reflecting on Borders”

  1. Thank you for your eloquent comments on a topic that fills me with so much sadness and shame. You did a fine job and you expressed my sentiments to a “T”. All the very best.
    Thank you so much.


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